Insult BP!

BP, you craven, dissembling poisonous knave!

BP is sponsoring the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). That’s right – one of the UK’s most respected arts institutions is promoting that earth-vexing varlot BP, helping it to mask its crimes against people, nature and the climate. Enough! No more!

On June 16th 2018, we brought a rebel festival to the RSC’s doorstep. As part of this, we set up a Shakespearean Insult Booth, giving members of the public the chance to curse BP in the unmistakable style of the Bard.

Photo by Ron Fassbender

To keep piling the pressure on the RSC, we’re asking as many of you as possible to join in with this from afar, coming up with a Shakespearean insult for BP and sharing it with us online.

Some members of our group have recorded a few examples to give you the idea: you can watch a (1-minute) film of them here:

You can find ideas for your own Shakespearean insults on sites like this one and this one. Then either write it in a message or – better still – record yourself delivering it on your device of choice, and share it with us by email (info[at],  Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtags #RSCMischief and #DropBP (on Twitter, please link in @ReclaimOurBard as well). We’ll find and collate them, and together we can create a fine crop of insults to cast at that noxious, treach’rous, belching oily rogue BP!

BP: undeniably a smiling, hell-bound remorseless swollen parcel.

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