New film: Behind the Curtains of the Reclaim Shakespeare Company

This film provides a peek behind the curtains of the Reclaim Shakespeare Company and our successful, creative campaign to kick BP out of UK theatres. Hear why the group was formed, how we have organised the stunts and what it feels like to jump on an RSC stage. Essential viewing for anyone with an interest in creative protest.

The documentary was filmed half-way through our season of performance interventions challenging the World Shakespeare Festival’s decision to accept BP as a sponsor despite the company’s devastating environmental record in the tar sands, the Gulf Coast and the Arctic, as well as its huge contribution towards climate change.

Since this was filmed we have gone on to intervene in two more BP-sponsored RSC productions. The first was in Stratford-upon-Avon at Twelfth Night, which received national media coverage. Then most recently we jumped on stage at Much Ado About Nothing in London’s West End. This performance gained support from members of the cast itself, both in the theatre and on Twitter, a breakthrough for the campaign and a sign of the unease about BP sponsorship within the theatre world.

Like what we’re doing? Then we’d love you to get involved in ‘Out, damned logo!’, our Shakespearean flashmob in the British Museum this coming Sunday.

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