May 14th 2017: Join our Cashmob in the British Museum!

With a snap election on the way, the fossil fuel industry might think it’s off the hook for a while. Of course, we can’t let that happen.

That’s why we need YOU to join our next rebel performance!



Photo by Sheila Menon (3)
Photo by Sheila Menon

In the game of oil sponsorship, there’s only one winner: the fossil fuel industry. So it’s time to stop playing by their rules…

The British Museum’s sponsor, BP, has hit the jackpot by splashing its logo all over blockbuster exhibitions. Meanwhile, oil companies have dealt the rest of the world the worst losing hand in history: pollution, human rights abuses and climate change.

It’s time to turn BP’s rigged game on its head. Join activist theatre troupe BP or not BP? in the British Museum for a high-stakes Cashmob performance. We need you, the audience, to join the game and stop BP from walking away with the big prize. Expect glitz, glamour and a whole heap of oil cash.

To find out more, including what to wear and bring on the day, email us at to let us know you’re interested.

This disobedient performance is part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation, a global wave of action calling on institutions like the British Museum to cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry.

BP or not BP? has been performing without permission in oil-sponsored spaces since 2012. We will not rest until our cultural institutions stop promoting the fossil fuel industry. We are part of the Art Not Oil Coalition and the global movement for #fossilfreeculture

Love and ethical funding policies,

BP or not BP? x

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