Mass action against BP rescheduled for February 8th!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In light of the snap election, we’ve rescheduled our mass performance action against the BP-sponsored Troy exhibition to SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8TH 2020, to make sure it has the biggest possible impact.

We’re still VERY excited about our plan for a mass creative takeover of the British Museum, to take action against BP, colonialism and the climate crisis. We already have more people signed up to take part than any of our previous performance actions and – thanks to the generosity of so many of you via our crowdfunder – we will also be bringing a Trojan Horse

The full reasons for the rescheduling are below – we really hope that lots of you can still make it! Please keep sharing the Facebook event and the callout on our website, and if you can make it to the action in February please fill out this form (if you haven’t already) so we can keep you updated…

With love, rage and large misleading horses,

BP or not BP? x

The BP Trojan Horse (artist’s impression)


We want this mass museum takeover to be as impactful as possible, and timing is a really important part of that. A general election has just been called, and our planned action date was slap bang in the middle of the campaigning period.

We want this to be the action that ends the BP sponsorship deal – and for that to happen, we need to flood the museum with people and make sure our action really hits the headlines. BP and the British Museum may have been hoping that the election would draw attention away from our mass performance and the scrutiny it would bring to their dirty sponsorship deal.

Rescheduling the action to February will make it much easier for us to keep the spotlight firmly on the museum bosses and the oil giant.

We also know a lot of our members and supporters are actively involved in campaigning around this election. This snap election is a key opportunity to fight for many issues relevant to our campaign, from ending fossil fuel subsidies to challenging institutional racism to reversing cuts to arts funding. Rescheduling will mean that all of our supporters who want to get involved in the election will be able to do that, and then also have time to be fully involved in planning, creating and performing at our action in February.

We will also make full use of the extra time to make our mass performance action at the museum even bigger and better, to make sure we kick out BP for good 🙂

This doesn’t mean that BP and the British Museum are off the hook until February though! We still have a few plans up our sleeves that we won’t be postponing…watch this space.

We didn’t take this decision lightly, but felt that it was the right decision to make. We’re really sorry if you had made plans around joining the action, but hope you’ll still be able to make the new date.

Please do keep spreading the word and we look forward to horsing around with you in February!

Yours in fossil free culture (and politics),

BP or not BP? x

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