Hundreds set to join our mass creative action to “Make BP History”

The British Museum’s controversial sponsorship deal with BP is under intensifying pressure, as hundreds of activists will come together for our mass creative action today, Saturday April 23rd. The British Museum is actively deciding whether to renew its current deal with BP, we are coming together because we MUST stop them.

Pledging to “Make BP History”, over 400 people of all ages have signed up to to take part, which will make this the largest protest at the museum since pre-COVID times. Participants will create hundreds of smaller protests all over the museum throughout the afternoon, to “bring in the facts about BP that the museum is trying to ignore”, followed by a mass performance action inside the museum at 4pm. Expect something as spectacular as our previous giant Trojan horse, Viking longship and sea monster!

This will be the fourth BP protest at the museum in a single month, following our April 4th action, which sneakily added new labels to the BP-sponsored Stonehenge exhibition; an action outside the museum on April 8th by Extinction Rebellion Grandparents and Elders; and a performance protest by autonomous “Save Stonehenge” campaigners on April 13th, where they poured fake oil on themselves inside the museum to challenge BP sponsorship and the proposed Stonehenge road tunnel.

In the last six years, at least FOURTEEN cultural institutions in the UK have dropped their deals with oil giants thanks to tireless campaigning. In just the last two months, the National Portrait Gallery, Scottish Ballet and New Scientist Live have all ended their BP deals, making the British Museum one of last few UK cultural organisations that still partners with a fossil fuel company. Today, on the 10th anniversary of our first ever action, we stand firm against oil giants in our cultural institutions and across our society. 

A report released last week confirmed that BP is planning to spend £23 billion on new oil and gas fields between now and 2030 – plans that fly in the face of the International Energy Agency’s warning that no new fossil fuel extraction can go ahead if we want the world to stay within 1.5 degrees. Just days ago a group of climate scientists, archaeologists and those familiar with the museum industry also urged the British Museum’s board of trustees to sever the BP sponsorship deal.

It’s time to Make BP History, and embrace the future we need beyond BP. 

Support from home by following the hashtags #MakeBPHistory #NoNewBPDeal and #DropBP and sharing our actions as they happen across the museum today. You can also help add pressure online by taking action here.

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