Stop BP with your face

A simple guide Our climate-wrecking, sea-level-raising nemeses at BP have decided, in their wisdom, to sponsor the “Sunken Cities” exhibition at the British Museum. The British Museum, in a similar moment of clever, irony-free thinking, have agreed to let them do it. As part of the exhibition, they’ve set up one of those comedy face-hole … More Stop BP with your face

Drenched performers occupy British Museum after hours

Performance fills museum with sounds of dissent against BP sponsorship and disrupts speeches at VIP exhibition launch Campaigners highlight irony of a fossil fuel company sponsoring a ‘Sunken Cities’ exhibition Second creative protest of the day, after a disobedient artwork obstructed the morning press launch Journalist at VIP launch reports guests ‘cringing’ during BP speech … More Drenched performers occupy British Museum after hours