Stop BP with your face

A simple guide

Our climate-wrecking, sea-level-raising nemeses at BP have decided, in their wisdom, to sponsor the “Sunken Cities” exhibition at the British Museum. The British Museum, in a similar moment of clever, irony-free thinking, have agreed to let them do it.

As part of the exhibition, they’ve set up one of those comedy face-hole board thingies like you see at the beach (or to give it the correct title –  as we’re sure you know – a cut-out photo-board with comic foreground):

unspecifiedThis got us thinking. We’ve already gone along to the museum to have a word about the horrible inappropriateness of the exhibition sponsor, and some other people have too. But this latest family-fun-themed addition to the exhibition might just be the perfect opportunity for everyone else to have a say as well. Including you.

Yesterday, we visited the museum to make this simple photo guide:

How to stop BP from sponsoring the British Museum, using a cut-out photo-board with comic foreground. And your face.

1) Go to the British Museum. It’s the big building on Great Russell Street in London with all the old stuff in it. Map here.

2) Bring some eyeliner pencils (available at any ethical non-animal-tested make-up shop).

Photo 02-06-2016, 12 54 133) Find somewhere to hang out in the museum (there are various cafes and things). Photo 02-06-2016, 23 34 064) Draw some appropriate messages on your face (it may be easier to ask a friend to do this)

Photo 02-06-2016, 12 55 19 Photo 02-06-2016, 12 56 32 Photo 02-06-2016, 12 59 17 5) Some kids will probably already have their faces in the face-hole board thingy outside the Sunken Cities exhibition. Wait for them to finish, then seize your moment:

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 00 416) Take a picture to reflect your feelings about the fact that an oil company responsible for billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and that actively lobbies against clean energy is sponsoring an exhibition about cities sinking into the sea:

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 01 15Photo 02-06-2016, 13 01 21 Photo 02-06-2016, 13 01 28 Photo 02-06-2016, 13 02 177) Don’t want to try this alone? Why not bring that special someone:

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 03 368) A bit too easy? Want to progress to the next level? Time to bring out the face paints (available at any good party shop):

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 13 249) Be careful, you don’t want anyone to see you doing it…oh wait, hang on, no-one’s bothered:

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 14 3910) Wait, how do you draw a BP logo?

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 15 35

11) Ah, close enough…

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 18 0012) Sometimes the simplest messages are the most effective.

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 21 4113) Get some good photos, and don’t forget to tweet them with the hashtag like the board says:

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 21 3014) Once you’re done, a bit of make-up remover can take away all traces in a flash: Photo 02-06-2016, 13 05 40 Photo 02-06-2016, 13 06 00 Photo 02-06-2016, 13 06 22

15) Or you might just want to leave it on and have a stroll round the museum…

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 24 21

16) For a bit of light reading… Photo 02-06-2016, 13 29 49

17) Or some subversive posing: Photo 02-06-2016, 13 32 0618) Job done! Now all you need to do is share the photos at, or email them to us at and we’ll share them for you. Include your name and the date you did it so we can share that too 🙂

Come on everyone! What else were you going to use your face for today anyway?